Let’s sing with the Buffycats and learn to protect ourselves against the Coronavirus!

Sing along with the Buffycats "Buffycats washing hands" and learn to protect yourself against the Coronavirus in a pawesome way!

44 Gatti Finger Puppets

Print and get ready to play with these pawesome finger puppets!

44 Cats ABC game

Help Lampo find the correct letter!

Coloring Pilou!

Color with the Buffycats!

44 Cats Memory Game

Oh no! Our furry fellows have once again done a mess!

Learning to wash our hands with Lampo!

Learn how to do it with Lampo and protect yourself against the Coronavirus!

"Meow musical" song

Have fun singing along with the Buffycats!

Activity Book - Jobs

A lot of coloring pages and games to get to know our furry fellows' job!